Savage Like Letter of this Do All Gay Guys Have Anal Intercourse? time

Savage Like Letter of this Do All Gay Guys Have Anal Intercourse? time

“Let me never belong to the vulgar error of dreaming I am contradicted. that i'm persecuted whenever”

There is some projection going on right here cause as a man that is straightwho has got tried it) I'm able to attest wholeheartedly that not absolutely all right males prefer to screw ass.

And, we dare say men that are straight don't mind spending time in fucking ass have not actually had the chance to do so, therefore in those situations you cannot actually say they love to bang ass, you are able to just state they are thinking about attempting it.

From the doing work for an insurance product sales guy about two decades ago. We had a couple of customers who had been a gay male couple. HIV ended up being the thing that is big then, and now we required them to signal a "we got tested, we are clean" kind get life insurance policies. "But do . THAT . thing!" they stated, and were more upset that folks might think they do, than which they might be HIV+.

We managed to move on, changed jobs. Those guys are missed by me.

@4 - Totally agree to you. a homosexual guy with a bio-d who struggled to obtain homosexual news and now have plenty of experience talking with homosexual males about their experiences, I had a lot of individuals -- homosexual and right -- tell me personally we do not understand any such thing about homosexual males. 繼續閱讀

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